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PLP – 124 Private Lending With FlipCo Financial And Kayla Wojcik

PLP 124 | Private Lending

Because of COVID-19, those in the real estate industry had to pivot in a huge way to survive and find ways to thrive with the ongoing deurbanization. Keith Baker explores how people in this sector hone their strategies, particularly in private lending, by sitting with Kayla Wojcik. She explains their work at FlipCo Financial, a team of forward-thinking individuals in the real estate investing sector focused on bringing a better financing product to the Houston market and soon nationally. She dives deep into the type of loans they offer, why they don’t charge appraisal fees, what a typical bridge loan looks like, and their most common borrowers. Kayla also shares their strategy when it comes to bread and butter houses, which experienced a huge decrease in February.

PLP-122 Rod Khleif: Why Achieving Personal Growth Is More Important Than Goal-Setting

PLP 122 Rod Khleif | Personal Growth

Many people believe that achieving your goals is the epitome of success. However, what makes it more worthwhile is gaining personal growth along the way. Multifamily master Rod Khleif joins Keith Baker to tell his inspiring story of finding success and failure in real estate, teaching him to live larger than life and become strong whatever happens. He shares how writing down your specific goals helps a lot in gearing up for the challenges of life and how the feeling of gratitude allows you to manifest every goal you may have. Above all, Rod talks about finding a high level of self-fulfillment in giving back to society, sharing how he found a deeper purpose in feeding families every time the holiday season comes.

PLP – 121 Lending to an entity

Private Lender Podcast Episode 121

Today’s topic is about lending to an entity instead of a person, and what you need to do in order to protect your money. SO let’s get down to the brass tacks and discover why you will always demand and require a personal guarantee when lending to an entity.

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