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PLP-136 George Salas On Getting Long-Lasting Revenue Through Short-Term Rentals

PLP 136 | Short-Term Rentals

Most people flip houses, become a landlord, or purchase properties to get the most returns in real estate. But for George Salas, he found an incredible opportunity in short-term rentals, where a lot of people don’t even consider. He joins Keith Baker to delve into how rent arbitrage increased his ROI significantly. He shares how he acquires his financing and puts together ample funding to keep the ball rolling. George also explains how he deepens relationships with the people that he trains, eventually building joint ventures.

PLP-135 The Fifth cure to a Lean Account Balance

In today’s episode, we will continue with our monthly lesson from the book by George Clason’s The Richest Man in Babylon. Today’s lesson is the 5th cure for a small account balance, which is simply: Make your house a profitable investment, or in other words, own your own home. 

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