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PLP-113 The 6 Pillars of Private Lending

Pillar No. 1:     My Money My Terms
Pillar No. 2:     Never Trust, Always Verify
Pillar No. 3:     ROIs
Pillar No. 4:     WIN-WIN-WIN ONLY: Always Full Disclosure
Pillar No. 5:     Never lend to friends or family members in need.  Rather give them what you are able to give without the expectation of being paid back
Pillar No. 6:     Honor the contract, but DO NOT hesitate to begin foreclosure.  It can be easily stopped in case the borrower makes good

PLP-105: Humility. Honesty. Vulnerability

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What is up Lender Nation? Greetings and welcome to the Private Lender Podcast, I’m your host Keith Baker and you are listening to episode 105. This podcast is the only one of its kind dedicated to teaching everyday people (just like you and me) how to prosper with the most passive form of real estate…

PLP-030 How to find private lenders

Learn the answer to one of questions I am asked the most:  Where do I find Private Lenders? Episode 30 Quote of the Day: “Money is usually attracted, not pursued.” – Jim Rohn WHAT YOU’LL EARN ON THIS EPISODE: The Usual Suspects of Money Sources 1 – Hard Money Lenders (seriously, they can be an amazing…

PLP-029 Fabian Toledo explains how he found his first Private Lender

Fabian Toledo is a full-time real estate investor, wholesaler and flipper in Houston Texas. Fabian was formerly a Quality Control Inspector for FEMA in addition to being a licensed realtor for more than a decade.  He is currently a stockholder of eXp Realty and Founder of, an organization that teaches real estate investing in Spanish. Fabian’s…

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