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PLP 139 | Title Insurance

PLP – 139 Know The History Of Your Property With Title Insurance With Rachel Luna

August 31, 2021

  When you buy a property, you want to be sure that it’s free of any debt and lien. This is where title insurance comes in. You don’t want to wake up one day, and your pool is torn down because it was built over a utility easement. Or the heir of the seller comes…

PLP 138 | Lead Generation Through Books

PLP – 138 Utilizing Real Estate Books For Lead Generation And Beating Competition With Max Keller

August 23, 2021

  Writing a book can help you attract private money lenders and motivated sellers so you could win the marketing game in real estate. Today’s guest, Max Keller, proves that. Max Keller is a real estate investor, best-selling author, and business coach. In this episode, he joins Keith Baker to discuss utilizing books as a…

PLP 122 Rod Khleif | Personal Growth

PLP-137 Is This The New Normal?

August 16, 2021

Are we in the new normal, or are we simply in a bubble in the housing market cycle?

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