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PLP-085 Creative Investing And Why Reputation Is Everything

PLP 85 | Creative Investing

  Quest Trust Expo is one of the biggest gathering of self-directed IRA investors in the country where they learn what is needed in an ever-changing economy. Keith Baker shares his thoughts and takeaways from the Quest Self-Directed Expo – the biggest of which are creative investing and why reputation is everything. He also talks…

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PLP-080 Due Diligence & Lending Out Of State with H. Quincy Long

PLP 80 | Due Diligence

  When looking at a private loan or lending to somebody, doing due diligence is of utmost importance. You need to keep yourself safe and keep your money even safer. H. Quincy Long, the Chief Executive Officer of Quest Trust Company, talks about his due diligence process when he makes a private loan. He also…

PLP-076 Reaping More From Your Self-Directed IRA with Nate Hare

PLP 76 | Self Directed IRA

  Nate Hare from the Quest Trust Company shares his knowledge about self-directed IRA. Quest Trust Company is a premier self-directed IRA company that enables clients to use IRAs/401k(s) to purchase real estate, notes, private entities, and other non-traditional investments. Nate talks about what their company does, how they started out, and the aspects that make them…