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PLP-079 Rashaad Rasberry: Looking At Comps From A Realtor’s Perspective

PLP 79 | Single Family Comps

  Like most of those who get into this industry, Rashaad Rasberry saw real estate as a way to generate wealth. He did just that working as a real estate agent helping clients in their buying and selling experience. In today’s episode, Keith Baker talks with Rashaad about single-family comps and ARV, as he shares…

PLP-070 First Private Lender Academy event – Title Class

On March 27th, 2019 the first event sponsored by the Private Lender Pocast and the Private Lender Academy was held at Quest Trust Company in Houston, TX. Wendy Bryan from WFG Title was the keynote speaker as she dropped a ton of title insurance knowledge in a very short amount of time! Keith Baker even learned a few new things that he will be incorporating into his underwriting demands and title policy conditions.

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PLP-054 From Silicon Valley To Real Estate With Private Money with Victor Menasce

PLP 54 | Real Estate

  Real Estate Espresso podcast host Victor Menasce spent the first 25 years of his career in the high-tech industry. On his eighteenth trip to Tokyo in a year and a half, Victor realized he was on the wrong path. He felt the way he was working wasn’t right for him nor his family, so…

PLP-049 All Things Private Lending with Steve Driscoll

PLP 49 | Private Lending

  Some of us originate from somewhere away from real estate investing. A person who has been through the same journey is Steve Driscoll of ECONO HOMES, LLC who talks about his experiences and all things private lending. He shares his background on how he went from auto finance to real estate investing, walking us…

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