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PLP-082 Nathan Long on Self-Directed IRA Expo, Private Lending, And More

PLP 82 | Self Directed IRA Expo

  Finding success alone in real estate is not how it works, most especially in this time and age of connectivity. That is why coming together in one place to network and, at the same time, learn is a beneficial opportunity to grab. One great example of that is an expo, and Nathan Long, the…

PLP-081 Interest Only, Amortization, And Balloons

PLP 81 | Structuring Private Loans

  Keith Baker gets down on the basics of private loans. The three rudimentary loan concepts upon which creative lending and private lending are built are the interest-only loan, the amortized loan, the balloon payment. Learn more about these types of payments as Keith dives into each one, and prepare to get your tickets to…

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PLP-080 Due Diligence & Lending Out Of State with H. Quincy Long

PLP 80 | Due Diligence

  When looking at a private loan or lending to somebody, doing due diligence is of utmost importance. You need to keep yourself safe and keep your money even safer. H. Quincy Long, the Chief Executive Officer of Quest Trust Company, talks about his due diligence process when he makes a private loan. He also…