PLP-014 The transition away from banks to Private Lenders with Landon Rothstein

Landon Rothstein began real estate investing by using conventional bank loans.  But he quickly found after the fourth loan the banks would no longer loan to him.  That’s when Landon began utilizing loans from private lenders to amass a portfolio of well over 80 rentals and owner financed notes.  He now enjoys the lifestyle of a full-time real estate investor, and has teamed up with some amazing partners.

Landon has teamed up with Houston area REI heavy hitter Ray Sasser.  Together they host one of the fastest growing real estate Meetups in Houston.


Contact Landon:

281-852-7777 mobile/text  or via email at:

Visit with Landon at:  713 Real Estate Networking w/ Landon and Ray Sasser




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