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PLP-20 Brant Phillips explains how he keeps his Lenders’ money secure

Brant Phillips:  Investor, Lender, Coach, Entrepreneur

Brant Phillips


Brant is a full-time real estate investor, business owner, business coach, speaker and bestselling author. He has been featured on Fox News as a Real Estate expert and hosts local seminars and training events.

Brant is a proverbial ‘rags to riches’ story, while living in an apartment and having no money, he was able to purchase his first investment property on a credit card! He went on to by 10 properties that same year with no money down and since that time has gone on to purchase, renovate, flip and rent hundreds of homes and owns a portfolio of rental properties in the millions and continues to flip houses and take part in a variety of real estate projects, including new home construction and development.

In addition to Brant’s real estate pursuits, he’s an active entrepreneur as owner of a coaching and consulting business. One of his companies, Invest Home Pro, was recognized by Inc. 5000 as one of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies.

Brant is a former police officer who prides himself on integrity and serving others. He is a husband and father of five and enjoys helping and teaching people to experience the freedom and success he has achieved through successfully investing in real estate.

You can learn more about Brant here:

On this Episode  listen to Brant discuss the following:

  • How Brant maneuvered through the Great Recession when banks wouldn’t lend
  • The benefits of private lending: investing locally and seeing the results first-hand
  • Private Lenders helped Brant leave his corporate job and invest in real estate full-time
  • Brant’s thoughts on Lending/Borrowing from family members

Some of Brant’s Non-Negotiables for Lenders

  • Close at a title company
  • First Lien Position
  • Understand the investment
  • Make sure the numbers make sense

Brant has written a book:  ”The Private Lender Playbook”



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About the author, Keith Baker

My ultimate goal is to create an economy for Real Estate (and other) Investors where banks are no longer needed. An economy where every day people look to each other for leverage and support. During the day I am an insurance adjuster for the oil field, where I handle millions of dollars of other people's money (OPM), and by night I invest in Real Estate and host this podcast. I hope you have an excellent experience and find real value within this website and the Private Lender Podcast. Please leave comments or submit your questions on the Contact Page.

I wish you prosperous, safe and happy lending and investing!

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