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PLP-060b Football Season is Over

PLP 58 | Exit Strategy

~Football Season is Over~

     by Hunter S. Thompson (18 July 1937 – 20 February 2005)

“No more games.

No more Bombs.

No more walking.

No more fun.

No more swimming. 67.

That is 17 years past 50.

17 more than I needed or wanted.


I am always bitchy.

No fun – for anybody. 67

You are getting greedy.

Act your old age.

Relax – this won’t hurt.”


I’m still hiatus for the moment, but am looking forward to March 11th when it all kicks off again!


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My ultimate goal is to create an economy for Real Estate (and other) Investors where banks are no longer needed. An economy where every day people look to each other for leverage and support. During the day I am an insurance adjuster for the oil field, where I handle millions of dollars of other people's money (OPM), and by night I invest in Real Estate and host this podcast. I hope you have an excellent experience and find real value within this website and the Private Lender Podcast. Please leave comments or submit your questions on the Contact Page.

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