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PLP-038 Self-Mastery expert Leila Khan will change your mindset around money

            Leila Khan

Self Mastery and Leadership Expert, Personal Development Author and Soul-Awakening Speaker:  Leila Khan is an author, soul-awakening speaker, self-mastery expert, teacher & mentor of personal transformation.She is also the creator of The Trailblazers Mentorship for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to reach the next level in their personal and business life.

She passionately engages, motivates and inspires professional ‘success seekers’ to lead lives that fulfil their core desires using the incredible power of the mind. She teaches and encourages self-mastery to energies the human spirit and experience the                                            deep well of inner potential for a happy, meaningful and satisfying life.

She is the winner of ’Outstanding Woman in Business, in Scotland’ and has spoken on stage to around 2000 people at the National Achievers Congress in London. She also shared the same stage as Tony Robbins. Her third book 101+ Ways to Overcome Life’s  Biggest Obstacles! was published in 2017.

Leila is available for keynote speaking, business & personal development seminars, team & one to one coaching or mentoring.

(Contact her to have a conversation about how she can create something uniquely motivating and beneficial to your organisation or for further information. She’s ready to inspire!)

To find out more about Leila, please visit the following link:  Find out more about Leila Khan


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