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PLP-023 Joy Gendusa mixes digital with direct mail marketing for Real Estate Investors


About Joy Gendusa:

Joy Gendusa is an entrepreneur, business owner, author, keynote speaker and philanthropist. She is the Founder and CEO of PostcardMania, a marketing company specializing in lead generation for businesses of all size. With only a phone, a computer and postcard marketing (no VC funding or investors!), Joy grew PostcardMania from a startup into an industry leader generating more than $49 million in annual revenue and employing more than 210 people in the Tampa Bay, FL area.

As a business leader, Joy has been awarded the Tampa Bay CEO of the Year, Entrepreneur BusinessWoman of the Year in Tampa Bay, and twice been an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist. Her company, PostcardMania, has been featured on the Inc. 500 and the Inc. 5000 lists, and has helped 78,589 small businesses (including thousands of real estate investors) with their marketing.

Joy’s marketing strategies and accomplishments can be seen in today’s top business publications, such as Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Inc. Magazine and more.

What you’ll earn on this Episode:

Joy began brokering printing for other businesses in the late 1990’s.

She started PostcardMania after refusing to allow a printer to put their 800 number on one of her customer’s orders.

What started off with a staff of 3 has grown to a company of over 200 employees and over 50 million in revenue.  How did she do it?: by continuously overpromoting Postcard Mania’s services!

Joy wanted to help small business owners figure out how and where to spend their marketing dollars:

  • Google?
  • Social?
  • Direct Mail?
  • To whom to market – which list to use?

The solution she came up with is Everywhere Small Business

Everywhere Small Business starts with direct mail postcards, plus

  • mail tracking code (know when postcard is delivered)
  • call tracking phone number that rings your phone (and records the phone calls)
  • when recipient visits your website they receive a cookie to trigger Google ads
  • list specific Facebook marketing

Customers are seeing increased response rates to their marketing by incorporating Everywhere Small Business

Postcard Mania can provide lists based upon several life events, including:

  • Foreclosure
  • Death
  • Bankruptcy
  • Probate
  • Divorce
  • And more

Joy has written a book – “Postcard Marketing in an Online World”

Take advantage of Joy’s AMAZING offer for PLP listeners:

1,000 free postcards with Everywhere small business!

Click click on the link below:

Not sure how Postcard Mania can help your business?  Then call 844-573-8085 or email Joy directly at


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My ultimate goal is to create an economy for Real Estate (and other) Investors where banks are no longer needed. An economy where every day people look to each other for leverage and support. During the day I am an insurance adjuster for the oil field, where I handle millions of dollars of other people's money (OPM), and by night I invest in Real Estate and host this podcast. I hope you have an excellent experience and find real value within this website and the Private Lender Podcast. Please leave comments or submit your questions on the Contact Page.

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