PLP-085 Creative Investing And Why Reputation Is Everything

PLP 85 | Creative Investing

  Quest Trust Expo is one of the biggest gathering of self-directed IRA investors in the country where they learn what is needed in an ever-changing economy. Keith Baker shares his thoughts and takeaways from the Quest Self-Directed Expo – the biggest of which are creative investing and why reputation is everything. He also talks…

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PLP-084 Deficiency Judgments And Why You Should Use Them

PLP 84 | Using Deficiency Judgments

  Have you ever had your lien wiped out when the first lien foreclosed? In this episode, Keith Baker shows you a way to recover your loss. He talks about a tool you can use as a private lender – your right to sue for a deficiency judgment. Sharing from his own experience of having…

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PLP-083 Investing And Private Lending with Corey Peterson

PLP 83 | Investing And Private Lending

  Sometimes it’s in the things that go wrong where we get the best lessons in life. In this episode, let Corey Peterson, the owner of Kahuna Investments, inspire you with his rags-to-riches story. When a day of disappointing his son made him realize that he was not living life on his terms, Corey set…

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PLP-082 Nathan Long on Self-Directed IRA Expo, Private Lending, And More

PLP 82 | Self Directed IRA Expo

  Finding success alone in real estate is not how it works, most especially in this time and age of connectivity. That is why coming together in one place to network and, at the same time, learn is a beneficial opportunity to grab. One great example of that is an expo, and Nathan Long, the…

PLP-081 Interest Only, Amortization, And Balloons

PLP 81 | Structuring Private Loans

  Keith Baker gets down on the basics of private loans. The three rudimentary loan concepts upon which creative lending and private lending are built are the interest-only loan, the amortized loan, the balloon payment. Learn more about these types of payments as Keith dives into each one, and prepare to get your tickets to…

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