PLP-077 Property Insurance And The Concept Of Indemnity

PLP 77 | Indemnity Insurance

  Indemnity is an insurance term that is often misunderstood. The word indemnity comes from the Latin indemnis, which means unhurt, undamaged, or without loss. That is at the heart and soul of every insurance policy. Essentially, if something bad happens, that policy will get you back to the position you were in at the…

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PLP-076 Reaping More From Your Self-Directed IRA with Nate Hare

PLP 76 | Self Directed IRA

  Nate Hare from the Quest Trust Company shares his knowledge about self-directed IRA. Quest Trust Company is a premier self-directed IRA company that enables clients to use IRAs/401k(s) to purchase real estate, notes, private entities, and other non-traditional investments. Nate talks about what their company does, how they started out, and the aspects that make them…

PLP-074 How Just 7 Hours Can Transform Your Investor Brand

PLP 74 | 7-Hour Book

  One of the best ways to build authority, transform your investor brand, give value, and get more opportunities is by writing a book and publishing it. The only factor that stops you as an entrepreneur or investor is lack of time. Nick Raithel, the creator of the 7-Hour Book, turns unmanageable to manageable as…

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