PLP-049 All Things Private Lending with Steve Driscoll

PLP 49 | Private Lending

  Some of us originate from somewhere away from real estate investing. A person who has been through the same journey is Steve Driscoll of ECONO HOMES, LLC who talks about his experiences and all things private lending. He shares his background on how he went from auto finance to real estate investing, walking us…

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PLP-047 Raising Other People’s Money (OPM) For Out Of State Deals with Gustavo Garza

PLP 47 | Raising Other People's Money

  Gustavo Garza, the CEO head guy in charge and main check writer of Clear Path Property Solutions, discusses how to raise other people’s money (OPM) for out of state deals. Going deep into the relationships that start it all, Gustavo talks about the need to build it well with the people and not just ask for money.…

PLP-046 The Pros And Cons Of Getting Flood Insurance

PLP 46 | Flood Insurance

  As with life, you can’t really predict anything. No natural disasters could save you from the possibility of acquiring damage. That is why it is important to think about insuring your properties in case calamities happen. Keith gets down to the details about flood insurance – what you need to know about it and…

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