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PLP 093-Subject 2 Investing And Lending In The 2nd Position

PLP 94 | Subject 2 Investing

  On today’s show, Keith Baker is joined by Ray Sasser and Landon Rothstein to discuss a niche topic that always seem to have a perceived risk – Subject 2 investing. What does it mean to purchase a property subject 2? Ray is known throughout the investor community as an expert rehabber as well as…

PLP-091 8 Questions To Ask And Consider When Hiring An Attorney

PLP 91 | Attorney For Drafting Documents

  We all need to hire an attorney at some point in our lives. This is especially necessary when you’re in the private lending business. Today, host Keith Baker lists down the eight questions you need to ask yourself when hiring an attorney to do either your foreclosures or draft the documents. You don’t want…

PLP-090 Redefining Private Lending: Does Your Money Work For You?

PLP 90 | Defining Private Lending

  The term “private lending” has, for too long, been misused and misunderstood to the point where misconceptions are almost as prevalent as the truth. This is why defining private lending is so important in the first place. Host, Keith Baker, reclaims the use of private lending by redefining how it should be viewed. Private…

PLP-089 the PLP’s 10 Secrets to Success

IBD's 10 Secrets to Success

Find Keith Baker on LinkedIn or Private Lender Podcast on Facebook This list of 10 Secrets to Success was originally published in Investor’s Business Daily in the early 200’s.  It has been hidden for years, only found a little while ago in the mess of my office. IBD’s PLP’s 10 Secrets to Success 1 –…

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