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PLP 102: Appraisals Part 1: The Strength Of A Good Appraisal

PLP 102 | Importance Of An Appraisal

  Before any property is purchased or sold, it’s important that it undergoes a thorough appraisal. The importance of an appraisal truly cannot be underestimated because you should know the actual value of the property you’re buying or selling, lest you operate at a loss. Keith Baker discusses the importance of an appraisal in the…

PLP-097 10,000 Miles To The American Dream With Reed Goossens

PLP 97 | Investing In The US

  The American investing industry can be a little bit confusing to get into at first because it’s very much its own thing with plenty of unique quirks that require a good amount of study. Despite this, it’s certainly not impossible to make sure that you’re able to understand what you’re doing and all the…

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