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PLP-074 How Just 7 Hours Can Transform Your Investor Brand

PLP 74 | 7-Hour Book

  One of the best ways to build authority, transform your investor brand, give value, and get more opportunities is by writing a book and publishing it. The only factor that stops you as an entrepreneur or investor is lack of time. Nick Raithel, the creator of the 7-Hour Book, turns unmanageable to manageable as…

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PLP-073 Private Lending For Profit: Keith’s Interview On The Accelerated Investor Podcast with Josh Cantwell

PLP 73 | Private Lending

  In real estate, private lending is a necessary field especially for those who want to invest but are short in cash. However, Keith Baker says the power of private lending isn’t the money or the debt that you’re getting, but the education and the network. Keith is a real estate investor and the host…

PLP-071 Using Visualization to Overcome Fear & Self-Limiting Thoughts

I recently traveled to Dallas for a small business marketing seminar and got more than I bargained for, which is a good thing!  One of the exercises we did was to visualize the most elite version of yourself.  While I was driving back home the next day, I decided I would incorporate the exercise into an episode to help anyone who was still looking to make their first Private Mortgage loan.

PLP-070 First Private Lender Academy event – Title Class

On March 27th, 2019 the first event sponsored by the Private Lender Pocast and the Private Lender Academy was held at Quest Trust Company in Houston, TX. Wendy Bryan from WFG Title was the keynote speaker as she dropped a ton of title insurance knowledge in a very short amount of time! Keith Baker even learned a few new things that he will be incorporating into his underwriting demands and title policy conditions.

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