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Ask a Private Lender tonight at 8:30pm CST

March 30, 2020 Keith Baker as he takes to FaceBook live this Monday night at 8:30pm CST. Keith will be answering questions about Private Lending both FROM the perspective of the lender and TO the perspective of the borrower.Don’t miss out on this amazingly free session with the THE Private Lender himself!Stay safe and let’s get to…

PLP-098: 6 Warning Signs Your Borrower May Be In Trouble

March 2, 2020

6 Warning Signs Your Borrower May Be In Trouble Sudden lack or stoppage of regular communication Late payments/returned They ask you if you can lend them “just a little more” You have to chase them for an update They don’t want you visiting the property Talk about changing exit strategies that require you to “stay…

PLP 97 | Investing In The US

PLP-097 10,000 Miles To The American Dream With Reed Goossens

February 17, 2020

  The American investing industry can be a little bit confusing to get into at first because it’s very much its own thing with plenty of unique quirks that require a good amount of study. Despite this, it’s certainly not impossible to make sure that you’re able to understand what you’re doing and all the…

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